Cable Machinery Manufacturer

Hefei Smarter Technology Group Corporation is affiliated with China National United Equipment Group Corporation, which is a state-owned central enterprise, and located in the state-level Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone. We are widely accepted as a professional supplier of wire and cable machinery, construction equipment as well as land and marine pipe machinery with the most complete product categories, biggest production value and best market in China. >> More

    1. Non-Sliding Copper Rod Break Down Machine

      Both programmable controller and touch screen are utilized to coordinate the working status of all the equipment parts. The parameters can be set, modified, and displayed via the touch screen.

    1. Rigid Strander

      It can synchronously strand several cable cores.
      The wire coil is entirely conveyed up and down.
      Our cable making machine is suitable for the production of split conductors.

    1. Tubular Strander

      A bobbin loader that is pneumatically loosened but automatically clamped is used to this cable manufacturing machinery. It is easier and more convenient to load or unload the bobbin.

    1. Vertical Cable Laying Up Machine

      The vertical cable stranding part of this machine has the bobbin loader with a rotary table. It can release the wire without back-twisting, so as to make umbilical cables.

    1. Drum Twister

      The traversing pitch can be set, modified, and displayed via the touch screen. Through the touch screen, you can set the left or right traversing. Inching and fast movement can be adjusted as well.

    1. Skip Stranding Cable Making Machine

      The skip stranding cable making machine is used for stranding and cabling control cables or mining cables.

    1. Aluminum Cladding Extrusion Machine

      The aluminum cladding extrusion machine is mainly used to extrude the Φ9.5mm or Φ12.0mm aluminum rod into the aluminum tube of below Φ170mm, and then clad the cables.

    1. Interlock Strip Armoring Machine

      Cables armored by this equipment hold the advantages including high flexibility, stable connection, and good resistance to creep. Those cables can greatly improve the system safety in some particular ...

    1. Planetary Steel Wire Armoring Machine

      The wire stranding equipment is minimized in noise generation, because of a synchronous belt back-twist structure. Additionally, the cable is free from the gear grease contamination.